10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (2024)

Whether you’re a professional artist or completely incapable of drawing, DIY gifts are the perfect option for a more personal and thoughtful gift for your loved ones. They’re especially great for boyfriends who tend to make it impossible to shop for. No need to stress over finding the perfect gift, and instead try one of these easy DIYs to show your boyfriend just how much you love him.

1. ABC Date Jar

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This may be an entirely new concept, or you may have seen it before on TikTok, but either way it’s a great way to plan some future quality time with your boyfriend. It is similar to a date jar, but instead of just writing random ideas, you pick a date night for every letter of the alphabet. For example, you can do apple picking for A and bowling for B. Spend the next few months completing the dates and making a ton of memories in the process. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving and your boyfriend is sure to love it.

Price: 10.99

2. Spotify Photo Frame

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A great option for those looking to get crafty, but can’t draw to save their lives. This DIY craft is simple and only requires tracing.

“Homemade, DIY gifts are my favorite,” University of Maryland sophom*ore Brendan Bullock said. “They show so much effort and care.”

Start by picking a song special to you and your boyfriend and then print out the album cover for it. You’re also going to need a picture frame as you will be painting on the glass. Glue on the album cover and then draw over it to make it look like you’re listening to the song on Spotify. It makes the perfect room decor and is special in that the memory behind the song you pick is only known to you and your boyfriend. How cute would it be if this one day ends up as your wedding song?

Price: 14.99

3. Video Collage

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Create a fun video that goes down the memory lane of your relationship, starting with the beginning and working your way towards the present. It’s a classic gift you can never go wrong with. It is super cost-effective and thoughtful at the same time.

After scrolling through your camera roll and collecting a bunch of old videos and photos, go to an editing app (iMovie is free on Apple computers) and get to movie making. You can throw in a background song, some text and fancy transitions. Make it a fun time for you and your boyfriend to watch and enjoy together.

4. Handmade Kiss Sweatshirt or Wall Art


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♬ The Way I Love You – Michal Leah

Grab some white paint, some lipstick and get to kissing! This design comes out looking super cute and requires absolutely no artistic ability. You can do this on an old sweatshirt by painting a square of white fabric paint on the front, letting it dry and kissing that. Or you can order a cheap canvas on Amazon to make a cute wall decor piece. Cheap, easy and cute– the perfect gift.

5. Messages in a Bottle

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Take some time to think about your favorite memories with your boyfriend. Your first date together, your favorite memory with them, the first time they met your family and the small day to day moments that just make you small. Write them all down on a small piece of paper and add them to a little pill jar. You can find one on Amazon, made specifically for this purpose, or just repurpose an old pill container by painting over it. Now you have adorable messages in a bottle that your boyfriend can read throughout the following months, whenever he needs a pick me up or if you’re long distance, when he misses you.

Price: $11.99

6. Custom Paint by Numbers

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Want to paint your boyfriend a picture of the two of you but have absolutely zero artistic talents? This gift is perfect for you. There are a bunch of sites that sell customizable paint by number kits that allow you to upload a photo that the company then takes to create a fun activity. University of Maryland sophom*ore Quinn Lugenbeel bought this gift for her best friend last year and loved how it came out.

“It really is the perfect custom gift, and it would be really fun to work on together too,” Lugenbeel said.

It comes out looking super cute, and you can go ahead and gift this if you know your boyfriend likes to paint. You can work on it together for a little date night, or you can finish it yourself and give him the finished product.

Price: $19.99

7. DIY Puzzle


ngl i think i popped off with this idea #diy #love


Head over to the closest thrift store and purchase the cheapest puzzle you can find. Once you have that, grab some supplies and get to painting. Well actually, make sure the puzzle is put together first, and then paint over the pieces for your background. I would recommend choosing a lighter color to make added designs easier to see. After waiting for the base to dry, channel your inner artist and paint whatever your heart desires. You can go as simple as a heart with your initials inside of it, a portrait of your first date, or you can even write a message they can only see after solving it. After it’s dry, break it up and throw it back in the box for the perfect customized puzzle.

8. Mini Love Letters

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The only supplies you’ll need for this DIY: markers and papers. Fold the paper to make it look like a tiny envelope and then craft little love letters to go inside. It’s super quick and you can make a bunch of these easily. You can give the little letters to your boyfriend directly or you can take a different approach and hide them around his house for him to find. It may not seem like much, but it’s a great way to express your love and appreciation on a money and time budget.

Price: $5.50

9. Bra Strap Bracelet


Yes, this is actually what it sounds like- it’s a bracelet made directly from the strap of an old bra. It may sound silly, but this intimate gift is a great way to express your love while saving money at the same time. All you have to do is take a bra strap and glue or sew the ends together to make a bracelet. Super easy, super cute. You can go the extra mile and add some other details like some letters or charms, or maybe even your initials, but just the bracelet alone makes for a cute gift. Cartier bracelets are out, and bra strap bracelets are in.

10. Matching Canvases


What’s cuter than a matching set? Pick up 2 canvases from a craft store and get to creating. You can either use paint, or you can trace a design with pencil and then use a needle and string to thread it through the canvas. The second ends up looking incredible, but it does require more time and attention to detail. You can draw two hands coming together to form a heart or two pinkies making a promise. Whatever you decide, you keep one and give your boyfriend the other, that way you can both be reminded of your love.

More Gifts!

Ever find yourself wandering the aisles of the department store flustered? Picking a gift for your boyfriend seems harder than trying to decipher his first texts to you. Wander no more. Instead of buying him another Polo to add to his closet, customize your life with a special DIY gift. You don’t need to spend hours creating an artistic masterpiece. Put a little love into a homemade gift for him and he’ll see how much you really care.

These shirts are perfect for the nurses, graphic designers, accountants, and psychologists in your life.

Keep reading for 10 DIY gifts your boyfriend actually wants.

11. “ABCs of Us” Book

Flex your brain power by making an “ABCs of Us” Book. Round up paper and markers or pens. Make a book with each page dedicated to a different letter of the alphabet. Each letter will represent something related to your relationship with your boyfriend. For instance, you can mark special occasions from your relationship, like “P is for Pelican Beach, where we first met.” Or make an ABC book of your favorite things together, like “O is for Outlast, our favorite video game to play,” or “C is for Christmas, our favorite time of the year.”

12. 52 Reasons Why I Love You

Who said real men don’t cry? No one should because real men keep in touch with their emotions.

“My boyfriend and I spent the summer apart so when we both came back to school I made this for him and he really liked it and I think he almost cried,” said University of South Florida sophom*ore Anna Mirsky.

You only need a deck of cards and a dark marker for this romantic gift. On every card, write one reason why you love your boyfriend. Prepare to get creative; you’ve got 52 cards to cover. Write about things he does that make you smile, like maybe his hilarious Darth Vader impression or his shockingly decent disco moves. Then you could write about his physical features you admire most, like his sweet hazel eyes or defined, Thor-like pecs.

13. Date Jar

Tired of the same old movie and a dinner date? Spice up your Friday nights with a date jar. Collect a mason jar, popsicle sticks (or small, folded pieces of paper) and a dark marker. Write down one date idea on each popsicle stick, like getting dressed up like fancy art connoisseurs to pretend-critique art at the Guggenheim. You could even get colored popsicle sticks and divide the date ideas into groups, such as “going out” activities or “staying in” activities. Let your imagination run wild with unforgettable date ideas like geocaching in the nearest city or going to IKEA to pretend-design your dream home. This perfect gift will make your boyfriend happy as he’ll never have to rely on you to make decisions again.

14. “Pictures of Us” Map

Travelers and road-trippers can finally put all those wanderlust photos to use. First get a map of the United States (or anywhere else you travel around). Take a photo in every state you visit together, then insert that photo in the state’s allotted area. If you visited California together, then you’d put a California-shaped picture of the two of you on the map. For New York you might put a photo of you two in Times Square. For Georgia you can put a picture of you two on the top of Stone Mountain.

15. A Movie Kit

Everyone (well, almost everyone) loves movies. What makes movies even better? Your favorite snacks and drinks, like the sweet strawberry taste of Twizzlers or crunchy Funyuns. Pick up a cardboard box, decorate the inside and fill it with your boyfriend’s favorite snacks, candies and soda, like York Peppermint Patties, Cheez-Its and Coca Cola. Then throw in a couple Redbox movies (if you already binged the good flicks on Netflix) and snuggle up for a cozy night on your couch. “I randomly made this for my boyfriend one day just so we could have a fun night together,” said University of Florida senior Sarah Phillips. “I got literally everything from the dollar store so it was super easy and cheap.” Flip on a scary movie, snuggle up next to your boo and relax after an exhausting week of classes.

16. State String Art Plaques

Create cute dorm room decor by designing your own state plaque. Warning: You may or may not wind up making a “Pinterest Fail.” You need a board (like wood), nails and string. Take any state or country, then use the pins and string to shape out the area with a heart over where the two of you met. LDR couples can take the cute factor up a level and string two states with the heart meeting over both cities that you each live in while apart. Consider this a cute reminder of your relationship and where it began, giving your bae wall art to admire every time he looks up.

17. Stick a Cute Pun on a Regular Gift

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Not all DIY gifts need hours of prep and hard labor. Take an ordinary gift that you bought, like that new Rolex watch your man dreams of daily. Then attach a piece of paper to it with a cute pun, like “Time flies when I’m with you.” That’s it! “I got my boyfriend a pair of shoes he’d been wanting and taped a piece of paper on the inside that said ‘You’ve been running through my mind all day,’” said UF junior Caroline Gaspich.

18. “Open When” Letters

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Letters to My Love: $8.98

“Open When” letters keep you and bae connected even when apart. Take a bunch of envelopes and fill them with letters. Tell your boyfriend to open them when certain things happen or when he feels a certain way. Write a letter for when he feels sad, stresses over an exam, misses you or feels sick. Your handwritten letters will show him how much you care and that you always support him—even when you’re not physically there.

19. Drop a Mixtape

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Ditch the tape. Create a private playlist link on Apple Music or Spotify. Or if you want the nostalgia of a mixtape, burn your tunes for bae on a CD instead. You can get creative here, too. You need to create a playlist for your boyfriend, like a “missing you” playlist or an “our story” playlist. Now he’ll to listen to your songs when he needs a pick-me-up or feels excited to see you. “My girlfriend made me a CD when I moved away for school,” said USF freshman Luke Morreale. “I loved it since it had all our songs on it.”

20. A Personalized Care Package

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Your bae just took an exam he barely studied for and now needs to drag himself back to his dorm room. But he’ll feel tons better when he sees a care package waiting for him at the door, filled with his favorite snacks and goodies.

“My boyfriend had a bad day at work so I sent him a box full of his favorite snacks and some stuff from the Target dollar section,” said Savannah College of Art and Design senior Rachel Haralson. “It was just a small gesture but it really cheered him up!”

If he likes driving his Jeep around old trails, pack him outdoorsy sunglasses and trail mix for the trip. If he likes playing piano in his down time, send over new sheet music.You’ll make any day better with a gift box tailored to your man.

10 More D-I-Y ideas for your B-O-Y

Written by Abby Lohmeyer

Despite it being called the best time of year, getting a gift for your boyfriend can be anything but jolly. It’s no secret that boys are hard to shop for. It’s also no secret that college kids are pretty much broke 24/7. What do you get your boyfriend when you’re low on funds? Something creative and personalized. Whether you need to create a holiday gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift or Valentine’s Day Gift, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 more DIY Gifts your boyfriend will actually appreciate.

21. Homemade Blanket

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (11)

As the temperatures drop, the need for warmth increases. Make him a blanket that can keep him warm during the winter months. “I liked it because it was super comfy and really warm,” said University of Missouri senior, Kyle Cross. Does he like sports? Comic books? Themes? The isles that line the craft section of each Walmart are full fleece material of different patterns and characters that will fit his likes and personality perfectly. Just pick two fabrics, one patterned and one plain then cut two-inch frays all the way around and tie each one together. Bam! You made a perfectly cozy blanket he’ll love.

No idea how to make a blanket but still want to make your man cozy warm? There’s plenty of guides to get you started crocheting or knitting. He’ll love that you learned a new skill just to make him happy.

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (12)

How to Crochet: A Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners: $12.95

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (13)

Vogue® Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book: $29.69


22. Remember When Cards

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This DIY gift is perfect for looking through when you’re cuddled up in that blanket. Hot Chocolate, a fire, snuggles and laughing about all the memories held in these cards. Memories of your first date, first impressions, inside jokes, amazing adventures and more. Just get some plain or colorful index cards, fun markers and write away! If you want to get fancy, grab a fancy stationery set. You can put them in a box or on a key ring and add to them as the years go by.

23. Engraved in Your Mind

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (15)

Engraving: a great way to make any gift more personal and as unique as your relationship. “It’s personalized and it shows a level of affection that you can’t get from a store-bought gift,” said University of Missouri junior, Kevin Cook. In today’s world, just about anything can be engraved. A coin for his coin collection, a pocket-knife, a key chain, etc. can suddenly be made into a part of you that he can carry with him.

24. Picture Puzzle

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Personalized Puzzle: $22.99

Is there a photo of you two that he absolutely adores? Does he like trying to figure out how to put things together? Make the photo into a puzzle. This will entertain him way more than a photo in a picture frame. Puzzles can be as simple or as complex as you want to make them from easy ten-piece puzzles to complicated 1000+ piece puzzles. “TBH I’m a functional gift kinda guy so…I liked it ‘cause she loved it and she enjoyed helping me put it together because I suck at puzzles and that was fun,” said University of Missouri sophom*ore, Chris Halsell. You can cuddle up with your boy, get some snacks and spend time laughing and working on the intricate puzzle of you two.

25. “The Quickest Way to a Man’s Heart, is Through His Stomach”

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The classic saying rains true, food=love in boy world. Making him his favorite snack can show him just that. “She made me chocolate covered strawberries, which was perfect because I love chocolate and strawberries,” said University of Missouri alumni, Spencer Kelly. If you’re not sure how to make his favorite snack, then talk to him about your idea. Maybe you can grab a fondue pot and have a “making chocolate covered strawberries” date.

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (18)

Electric Fondue Pot: $34.00

26. Man Cave Décor

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (19)

Man Cave Bar Custom Personalized Name & Date Neon Sign: $54.99

A room with snacks, a big T.V. and the best gaming systems in town screams paradise. What more could a guy ask for? Add a little more to his man cave with a DIY craft for his man cave. Grab a canvas/wood/metal board and paint it. You can paint his favorite craft beer logo, sports team mascot or paint a bunch of littler canvases showcasing different video games. This is an easy DIY because you know he’ll love it. If you’re not feeling your inner Picasso, no worries. Some expertly detailed lettering holds just as much of that wow factor themselves. It shows you’re thinking about him and support his hobbies and interest.

27. Man’s Best Friend

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (20)

Is there a four-legged companion in your man’s life? Getting a gift for the pet in his life will show him that not only do you love and care about him, but you love and care about the animal that makes him smile. A gift for his pet can be anything from a jar of treats or a homemade toy. Head to the dollar store and grab some toy balls, rope and a jar for some treats. You two can spend the day together customizing the toy and then head to the park with their pupper for a playful test run.

28. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (21)

Even though one picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes one just isn’t enough. Like many photo collages you see on social media, full of different photos, each with a paper that has a single word on it, the same idea applies here. Grab a camera, a whiteboard and marker and take a dozen photos spelling out a sweet message for him. He can look at it whenever he’s having a rough day and you’ll be able to bring him a smile even if you aren’t with him.

29. The Senses

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (22)

Five Senses, five bags, five fun gifts! Each bag is filled with a gift that can only be experienced with one of the senses. Fill one bag with something you can see like his favorite movie. A bag for taste, with his favorite treat. A bag for smell, perhaps a new cologne he’s been wanting to try. A bag for touch, a new sweatshirt to keep him warm. A bag for hearing, a CD with his favorite artist’s new album. This idea is a fun way to combine several of the gifts listed above and surprise him with several different gifts.

30. Art Projects

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (23)

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that weren’t originally supposed to be gifts–especially if you’re looking for something last minute. Something you make can be turned into a gift that means so much more. “I personally prefer any handmade gift over a product or something of the sort, simply because of the thought and time put into creating it!” said University of Missouri sophom*ore Koda Inman-Ahlstrom. “Always makes me feel loved and like I’m worth the time when I receive a gift from my girlfriend that she made herself.” While there are a lot of great gifts out there to buy, some of the best ones are the ones made with love.

Need more options? Here are 10 more DIY gifts for your boo thang.

Written by Iliana Resendiz

“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” can quickly become the most expensive season. Sometimes we just can’t afford all the great (and expensive) things our boyfriends deserve. However, even though we might be #brokeaf this season, you can still find creative and inexpensive ways to show your love and appreciation for your favorite guy. Read on to uncover 10 more DIY Christmas gifts for your other half this holiday season!

31. DIY Coupon Book

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (24)

Bliss Collections Love Coupons: $13.99

Switch up your DIY presents with a thoughtful coupon book! While our men appreciate the photo collages and baskets, coupon books can be more practical and a game-changer for your typical dinner and movie date idea. Whether handwritten or printed, you can assemble a coupon book right at home. You just need paper and fun markers/pens to write with. Print or write any design that signifies a coupon for your boyfriend to use; get creative with all the Pinterest inspos and designs that exist out there! On each one, simply decide what you’d like to give to your boyfriend.

Maybe you fell asleep during his favorite movie so now you owe him a free movie of his choice. Or maybe he gets really stressed with school or work so he can cash in a coupon for a massage by you. Anything works! Cut out your coupons and glue them on card stock or colorful construction paper for a nice border. If you have a hole puncher, create holes in each coupon and hold them with binder rings. Now you have a lovely homemade coupon book that your boyfriend will definitely love. Good luck topping that next year!

32. A Goodie Box

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (25)

Why settle for one gift when you can get him a box full of them? Perhaps your boyfriend needs something to decorate his room? Maybe he enjoys video games or new clothes, so you give him gift cards to his favorite stores. Get creative with his box while you fill it up with all the things he loves.

“For our anniversary she made a really cool box and filled it with stuff I liked. She put action figures and hot wheels which I collect when I can. She also filled it with some of my favorite candy and decorated it with pictures of us. I loved her gift because it showed she cares so much to make something specifically for me,” Cal State Los Angeles transfer Juan Zuniga said.

Putting the effort into this thoughtful gift can go a long way to show your man just how much you care.

33. Painted Mug

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (26)

White Coffee Mugs: $14.99

‘Tis the season for delicious peppermint mocha and boozy eggnog! Why not give your guy a personalized mug just in time for the holidays? While you can find many tutorials online, you should prioritize making sure your beautiful paint or sharpie designs stay on during the wash. You can find affordable plain mugs anywhere like your local Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Store. The craft store will also hold sharpies and paints for you. Once you grab all your materials, get to painting your customized mug for your one-of-a-kind guy.

“[My boyfriend is] not much of a coffee drinker, but he loves fruity drinks. I bought the materials and brought them home. It was a nice way to bring us together and make something special which he really enjoyed. I still see him use it for his water and juices,” CSULB senior Christy Ovalle said. Give your guy a special gift he can use all year-round.

34. Hot Cocoa in a Jar

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (27)

Now that you have your customized mug, include hot cocoa in a jar to complete this perfect pair. Take all your ingredients to make delicious hot cocoa and pour them into a festive mason jar. 1 qt should be enough space to include all your ingredients. Include chocolate or white chocolate, unsweetened cocoa, sugar, powdered milk and mini marshmallows to top it all off. Decorate your jar with Christmas adornments like snowflakes, red and white twine around the lid tied with candy canes or a colorful tag stating all the ingredients and directions to make it. This “food in a jar” idea also works with other desserts as long as you include dry ingredients. Create your hot cocoa in a jar as a convenient warm-up gift for the holiday season that your boyfriend will love.

35. Explosion Box

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (28)

Creative Explosion Box: $17.99

Upgrade your creative box game with this interactive “exploding” box! While this requires more time and lots of cutting and folding, the end result will blow him away. Considering its intricacy, you may not want to procrastinate. You can create this box in several ways, but all tutorials require colorful paper. Print some of your favorite pictures with your special guy. Write loving notes, inside jokes or any message with your photos. Follow your tutorial and fold your complex box. Fill up the corners or spaces with whatever you want. Once you have your box set up, top it off with a bow or a message on the lid. When he takes the top off, the walls will fall into elaborate patterns with personalized notes or photos in the folds. For the creative minds with a little more time on their hands, this unique DIY gift will surely beat all others.

36. Personalized Ornaments

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (29)

With the holiday season coming around, personalized DIY ornaments might be the best way to create memories with your special someone without breaking the bank. You can decorate your ornaments in a myriad of ways. Be creative with your gifts and create something that would best represent your boyfriend. You could make some out of mason jar lids and colorful fabric, or a glass ornament filled with their favorite figures and decorated in their favorite colors. Recreate their preferred aesthetic or fill the ornament with a funny memory or witty message. This Christmas gift can also function as a date-idea. Create your personalized ornaments and hang them on the tree together. Paired with the beautiful lights, your ornaments will be the best part of the tree due to their personal flair. Hang your ornaments all over the house and reminisce on your loving relationship.

Even better–decorate him some Christmas booze balls for his apartment Christmas tree.

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (30)

Christmas Booze Balls: $22.99

37. Lottery Tree

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (31)

While the spirit of Christmas might require some budgeting, why not let your man take his chances in earning some extra cash with lottery tickets? Holiday scratch-offs make for a great complimentary gift and might just be one of the most creative ways for him to receive one of the best gifts – cash.

“I don’t think she was expecting me to win, but she wrote as a joke that if I won anything, I owed her a very expensive date. I ended up winning $300. We were completely taken aback but I was very happy I was able to treat her to a fancy dinner for our anniversary,” MIT junior German Espinosa said.

While the gift seems impersonal, what he does with the winnings makes it all the more special. With some materials and your lottery cards, you can recreate a Christmas “tree” using a cone-shaped Styrofoam and a wood slice for the stump. Take your variety of lottery tickets and attach the biggest ones first with pins. Once your “tree” is covered, take your smaller tickets and stack them from the bottom up so it resembles flared out branches. Place a bow on top and your lottery tree is complete! I’ve never heard of a more sustainable idea that has the potential to make you rich in the process.

38. 12 Days of Christmas Punch Box

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (32)

Switch up your stocking stuffers gifts with a more personal 12 Days of Christmas Punch Box. While your festive box might tempt your boyfriend to punch them all at once, the gift works best if he punches one a day until Christmas. Come up with twelve gifts, homemade or store-bought, wrap or decorate them and set them aside. Create your punch box out of two cardboard boxes (the bigger the better). Cut out 6 big circles evenly spaced on the opening flaps of both boxes. With any extra cardboard, create dividers to separate the gifts that will rest under the holes. Place colorful tissue paper on the inside of the flaps over the holes and place your gifts inside. Put any final touches on your box and watch his surprised reaction as he punches for his presents!

39. Cuddle Kit

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (33)

While he might not admit it, your boyfriend also enjoys nice jammies and blankets for the holidays. Create a snuggle date in a gift basket for your guy and personalize it with his favorite snacks, colors or love notes from you. Fill it with his favorite scents with colognes or candles, or his favorite foods with desserts to share together. At the end of it all, pair your snuggle date with a movie. Add his favorite movies in the jar in addition to his new pajamas and a warm blanket. He might not admit it, but the small, intimate moments with you actually make the best gifts.

40. Story Book

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (34)

Remember that episode of The Officewhere Pam makes a homemade comic book for Jim? Jim might have given her jewelry, but he was absolutely blown away by her creative gift. For the artistically inclined, create a story book for your boyfriend with him as the main character. Turn your doodles into interactive art and send him on a journey. Maybe you want to recreate the story of how you met or turn a fun memory into an epic story. Maybe he has bizarre dreams that you want to make a reality.

Channel your creativity and storytelling skills! Make a hardcover for your book with decorative cardstock and glue. If you want to get fancy, look into printing your book with a hardcover and paper through online companies like Mixbook or Etsy. Bind your pages together for a cute DIY gift and create a story that beats all other presents.

Still Struggling to Find A Perfect DIY Gift Idea?

Gift giving troubles us all, and gift giving for a significant other? Even more troubling. What do you get your low maintenance boyfriend that has everything he wants? This may seem like an almost impossible task… until this list of even more creative DIYs.

41. Scrapbook

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (35)

Our Adventure Book: $21.98

A scrapbook serves as the perfect memorabilia for your relationship. For this DIY gift, print out your photos to display in chronological order. This can include selfies, trips, dates, every happy moment in your relationship. Include personal notes or letters along with a quick summary of a memory. To make this an easier DIY, create the scrapbook as your relationship progresses. This way, you can create pages filled with mementos, inside jokes and accurate descriptions of the moment. Collect all your movie tickets, receipts, tokens, etc. to make this gift even more sentimental.

42. Custom Candle

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (36)

We associate scents with many memories. Buy a candle making kit to craft together on a date night. Stores like the Candle Lab also allow you to create a custom candle with a large variety of scents. Curate the candle to make your own unique scent that will remind your significant other of you. If you want, mix scents to create a smell that reminds you of memories in the relationship like the time you baked cookies.

“I would love to get a candle like this as a gift. When I went with my girlfriend to the Candle Lab, we made our own personal scents that reminded us of each other and our relationships. Going there is a fun time because you can see all their scents and pick your favorites. It’s a good gift because it lasts a long time, so it’ll remind you of that person,” Kent State University junior Jack Madison said.

You can get these types of kits anywhere from Amazon to Barnes and Noble. A larger budget allows for the convenience and large selection of scents at stores like the Candle Lab, where you can create a DIY project together. For long distance couples, this candle will try to fill the void of your significant other. When you find yourself missing your person, light the candle to feel wrapped in their arms.

43. Coupon Set

For the significant other that owns everything, create a coupon set for them to use when they find themselves low in cash. This includes gift cards for meal delivery services, notes with $5 to cover their Boba drink, a free massage or whatever your significant other likes. This personable gift charms everyone with coupons tailored to their interests. To create this gift, arrange all the coupons into a book or seal them in envelopes. This custom coupon set can vary in budget and will make your boyfriend’s heart swell.

44. Liquor Bouquet

Flowers will wilt and wither. Liquor will make for a fun 21st birthday. For all newly legal drinkers, this liquor bouquet with lottery ticket leaves makes for a memorable gift. Tape shot size bottles of liquor to sticks and insert into foam blocks decorated with lottery tickets.

“Gifting alcohol for a 21st is like congratulating someone for reaching an age where they can assume greater responsibility,” The Ohio State University junior Matt Lontoc said.

Your 21st birthday marks the last birthday to look forward to newfound freedom. This makes it the perfect table center to start the night. It will also encourage you to take more pictures for the scrapbook. If he didn’t love coupons before, he sure will now.

45. Self-Care Box

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (37)

The stress of college sometimes causes students to throw self-care out the window. For the student that pulls all-nighters and stresses too much during their exams, this box reminds them to take care of themselves. Fill the box with a beard grooming set, nice soap or cologne. You can also fill the self-care box with products for a spa date night. Fill the box with goodies for a night in, relaxing whatever way your boyfriend prefers. Allow them to relax and feel refreshed after a long day.

46. Glass Painting

For those with strong artistic abilities, create a glass painting perfect for the anime lover in your life. This latest trend started on TikTok featuring artists showcasing their talent and love for anime. Artists designated this project to connect themselves with others through mutual love for anime. To start, pick any frame of your boyfriend’s favorite show to draw. Then reverse the image on your computer, sketch the image onto your glass and paint. This gift takes a lot of patience (and layers of paint) but it’s a gift like no other. It’ll show how closely you paid attention when he talked about his favorite show.

47. Custom Playing Card Set

Everyone loves card games like Poker or Uno. Buy a card set of any game to decorate with a new theme surrounding your significant other’s interests. Some examples of different themes include sports teams, shows, bands or your own photos. Instead of buying a card set, you can also make your own deck with a sturdier paper and laminating the cards to preserve them. For an homage to your relationship, use photos of your relationship on one side and pick-up lines on the other. Make sure to save room for the numbers, symbols and colors. This time intensive gift makes every game night worth it.

48. Meal Kit

10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (38)

Calling all foodies! Meal kits gained popularity for making cooking so convenient. For a hefty price, they may also lack interesting recipes. Create a meal card with the recipe including the ingredients of your significant other’s favorite meal. Then, package the pre-portioned ingredients into containers. With the ease of pre-portioned ingredients and a meal card ready at your disposal, you can start cooking with your lover. For an easier project, make the meals desserts for your extra sweet boyfriend. Make a beautiful mess in your kitchen by cooking this DIY meal kit for your next date night and follow up with your self-care box.

49. Chunky Blanket

Ever see those large, chunky, cloud-like blankets all over Pinterest? Those handknitted, giant threaded blankets that cost a bazillion dollars. Every comfort lover dreams of a super cozy blanket but doesn’t want to break the bank in the name of comfort. When these blankets went viral, many creators released tutorials showing the ease of making these blankets on a budget. Just go to your local craft store and knit this blanket with your hands, no extra materials needed.

“My birthday is in the middle of fall so I would love a blanket and a handmade blanket would be even better,” The Ohio State University junior Gray Buta said.

Create this blanket to make the dorm cozier, to boost the aesthetic or to keep your boyfriend warm in the winter. An excellent gift for the hardest to get. Whatever the reason, any blanket makes a great gift.

50. Custom Wall Art

Being away at college can discourage many students from decorating their space. However, everyone deserves to feel cozy in their personal home. Thanks to TikTok, many content creators show the easiness of making art. We have TikTok to thank for making anime portraits go viral. Many photoshop artists edited animes and cartoons to replace the original characters with their own. Most of the time, artists choose to draw themselves in place of the original character. Not too skilled in the art of Photoshop? You can create a simple linework drawing of you and your boyfriend or a statement paint pour art piece. Give some décor to that minimalistic loved one in your life. When in doubt, purposely bad drawings make for a fun gift while still showing sentiment.

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10 DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Appreciate (2024)


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