Valentine's Day Crafts with Little Ones (2024)

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and it can be SO fun celebrating with your little one.

Stumped on how to involve your little love? Here are 9 cute & easy crafts to try with your tiny Valentine...

Making Valentine's Day Kid-Friendly

Valentine's Day doesn't come prepackaged and tailored for kids like Easter or Halloween - so we understand the struggle. How do you help your kids have fun during a holiday when the main focus is romantic relationships?

A great way to help your kids get excited about Valentine's Day is by emphasizing that it's a day about loving everyone in our lives - our friends, siblings, teachers, and parents. Treat it like an excuse to make others feel special, and love on those people with your kids. A great way to show grandma, a teacher, or a friend that you love them? Making them art!

So if you don't have any V-day plans with your little ones yet, you might want to add one of these crafts to the agenda. Let's get into it:

1. Valentine Card Box

Valentine's Day Crafts with Little Ones (1)

If your child has a Valentine's Day "party" at school, it is so fun designing their card box at home together! Growing up, my mother always used shoe boxes and cut slits in the top, but a Kleenex box is a great alternative. Cover in wrapping paper, decorate with paper hearts and stickers, and add whatever your heart desires. It is so fun doing this each year and watching your babies grow!

2. Heart Garland

Valentine's Day Crafts with Little Ones (2)

This craft is as simple as it gets, and it looks cute in your home once it's finished! Practice cutting out paper hearts with your little one, and string them along some red and white baker's twine. Hang up for a festive decoration your kids helped you create!

3. Fingerprint Heart Mugs

Valentine's Day Crafts with Little Ones (3)

This craft might look messy - but it's actually super hands-off and fun! Grab blank mugs and red/pink paints, then cut a heart shape into masking tape and stick it to the mug. Once the heart is in place, let your kids go to town - they might not make perfect fingerprints like the picture, but the heart will still show through, and they can truly make it their own and have fun!

4. Valentine's Day Coloring Page

Sometimes it's best to keep it simple, and at Parker Baby Co., we have tons of free printable coloring sheets for your little one! Our February picture features love bugs and hearts, but don't forget to check out our other options here!

5. Heart Balloon Craft

Valentine's Day Crafts with Little Ones (5)

Toilet paper tubes are easy to turn into heart stamps, which can be dipped in paint and used in whatever art project you'd like! We love this idea of cutting out a picture of your kids for a cute balloon art project you can pin on yourfridge over Valentine's Day. See the tutorial here!

6. Valentine Cards for Class

If your kids have been tasked with bringing cards to school on Valentine's Day, don't grab them from the store - bring homemade ones instead!We have two free options to print, color, and give to a loved one this Valentine's Day - find them here! Personal messages and homemade cards always mean more.

7. Pipe Cleaner Heart Rings

Valentine's Day Crafts with Little Ones (7)

For your little fashionista, this craft might be a winner. They are so easy to make, especially if you're hosting acraft play date with your child and their friends. You can even attach them to the cards your child brings to school! Follow the tutorial here.

8. Secret Message Watercolor

Valentine's Day Crafts with Little Ones (8)

This is such a fun activity for your preschooler! Prepare by cutting paper hearts and writing your secret message with a white crayon. Then bust out the water colors and let your kid go to town, revealing a sweet Valentine's Day message! Follow the full tutorial here.

9. Family Hearts

Valentine's Day Crafts with Little Ones (9)

This craft is so simple - all you need is glue, markers, paper, and some googly eyes! Bonus points if you help your child list the things they love about each family member. I can't imagine a cuter thing to pin on your fridge. Follow instructions here.

Don't Overcomplicate It

Valentine's Day really can just be a day to remind your kids why they love the people in their life and how to make them feel special! And any excuse to spend an afternoondoing a craft is a win in my books:)

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Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article about making Valentine's Day kid-friendly and explore each of them in detail.

Making Valentine's Day Kid-Friendly

Valentine's Day can be a delightful occasion for children, emphasizing love and appreciation for everyone in their lives. It's an opportunity to engage in fun and creative activities that celebrate the spirit of love and kindness. The article suggests various crafts and activities to involve children in the Valentine's Day celebration, from making Valentine cards and heart garlands to creating fingerprint heart mugs and secret message watercolors.

Let's explore the concepts mentioned in the article and provide detailed insights into each of them.

  1. Valentine Card Box

    • Creating a Valentine card box at home can be a fun and personalized activity for children, especially if they have a Valentine's Day "party" at school. It involves designing and decorating a box to hold Valentine cards. This tradition allows children to express their creativity and share love with their peers.
  2. Heart Garland

    • Making a heart garland is a simple yet charming craft that children can enjoy. It involves cutting out paper hearts and stringing them along to create a festive decoration. This activity not only enhances children's fine motor skills but also adds a touch of Valentine's Day spirit to the home environment.
  3. Fingerprint Heart Mugs

    • The fingerprint heart mugs craft encourages children to create personalized and unique mugs using their fingerprints. This hands-on activity fosters creativity and allows children to express themselves through art while making thoughtful gifts for loved ones.
  4. Valentine's Day Coloring Page

    • Providing children with Valentine's Day-themed coloring pages is a simple and enjoyable way to engage their creativity. Coloring activities can be relaxing and allow children to express their artistic flair while embracing the holiday spirit.
  5. Heart Balloon Craft

    • Using toilet paper tubes to create heart stamps for art projects is a creative and eco-friendly idea. This craft encourages children to explore different art techniques and create personalized balloon art, adding a festive touch to Valentine's Day celebrations.
  6. Valentine Cards for Class

    • Encouraging children to make homemade Valentine cards for their classmates promotes thoughtfulness and creativity. Handmade cards with personal messages convey genuine affection and can make the Valentine's Day exchange more meaningful for children.
  7. Pipe Cleaner Heart Rings

    • Crafting pipe cleaner heart rings is a fun and easy activity that allows children to create wearable art. This craft fosters fine motor skills and encourages children to express their individual style through handmade accessories.
  8. Secret Message Watercolor

    • The secret message watercolor activity adds an element of surprise and creativity to Valentine's Day crafts. Children can reveal hidden messages while exploring the art of watercolor painting, making the holiday celebration more interactive and engaging.
  9. Family Hearts

    • Creating family hearts with glue, markers, paper, and googly eyes is a heartwarming activity that promotes gratitude and love within the family. Encouraging children to list the things they love about each family member fosters a sense of appreciation and strengthens family bonds.

In summary, the article provides a range of creative and meaningful crafts and activities to involve children in celebrating Valentine's Day. These activities not only promote artistic expression and creativity but also emphasize the importance of love, kindness, and thoughtfulness in relationships.

Valentine's Day Crafts with Little Ones (2024)


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