Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (2024)

Here is a collection of wonderful free Easter Crochet Ideas & Projects to have a go at this year! As you know, we LOVE all crochet and have a great set of adorable free crochet plushies patterns for you to make.. here, specifically, is our Spring Crochet Ideas collection. These patterns are free, though many have ad-free pdf versions that you can for a very small contribution.

Wonderful Free Easter crochet projects

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Easter crochet basket

spring crochet

Spring crochet wreath

Spring crochet ideas

Spring Crochet patterns free

The cute little easter crochet patterns shared today make a lovely little Easter decoration or can be made as Easter gifts to pop into your children’s Easter baskets!

Free Easter Crochet Patterns

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Frog Bunny Crochet Pattern

As you can see from the little bunny photo – you can make this pattern using any type of yarn! And you can easily size up or size down this project. I adore the cute little mini amigurumi bunny, as well as the larger bunny plushie (dress up as a little frog bunny! The pattern adapts as a bear bunny too – simply make different bunny hats.. to cute!). I also love how you can place the bunny ears in different positions for different bunny characters!

Easy Spring Bird Crochet Pattern

These little spring birds are quick and easy to make.. and again, you can size up or size down depending on what yarn and corresponding crochet hooks you have to hand. These would make adorable spring decorations for sure – you they could nestle happily in an Easter display or hang them from your Easter Tree!

Busy Bee Crochet Pattern

We love these crochet busy bees! They are simply adorable and scream SPRING TIME! Once again, a great one fro any yarn, make them big. Make them small. But a great one for beginners, as it uses basic stitches! Again, I would love these as part of an Easter Tree decoration!

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Little Bunny in Dress Crochet Pattern

Here is another cute Crochet Easter bunny – this one with a little dress. I love the simplicity of this design and it is sure to become a favourite little toy! Definitely one to make and give in your Easter basket as a great chocolate alternative! Or make this a grand prize at the end of your egg hunt.

Fun Ladybug Crochet Hat

Looking for the next age group? Baby has outgrown its darling Baby Booties.. time for a DIY Crochet Hat Pattern? Love this Ladybug Crochet Pattern. Simply lovely!

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (7)

Cutest Chick Crochet Hat with long legs

Oh and whilst on the topic of ricidulously cute Easter Crochet Hats… how about this one from Jenny and Teddy? I can’t get over how the hat ties are the chicken’s long legs. ADORABLE!!!

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (8)

Crochet Egg Cozy

I love these simple little Crochet Egg Cozy – they are the perfect crochet project for beginners! And also makes a lovely gift idea!

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (9)
Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (10)

Cute Chicken Crochet Egg Cozy

Whilst on the topic of egg cozies.. how FABULOUS are these Chicken Crochet Egg Cozies – a free pattern on Ravelry. They are made using 2.5mm hook – so a fine crochet pattern. Which also makes me think, these would be FABULOUS as large Chicken projects if you use thicker yarn and bigger hooks. Don’t you think? So fun!

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (11)

Rooster Crochet Pattern

All About Ami, has this rather adorable Rooster Crochet Pattern. She actually made him for Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rooster! But oh my, isn’t he wonderful. I think he would make a great addition to this collection of Crochet Easter Patterns too!

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (12)

Free Easter Crochet Blanket Pattern/ Comforter

Crochet 365 has and adorable little Bunny Blanket Pattern / Comforter. Isn’t this the sweetest? And wouldn’t it make a lovely Easter gift for Baby’s First Easter..

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (13)

Cute Hatching Chick & Egg Pattern

Over on Ravelry you can grab this adorable little free hatching chick egg pattern. Isn’t it fun?! Such a great free crochet pattern to give a go!

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (14)

Gorgeous Basic Easter Egg Crochet the perfect Easter Crochet Idea

Whilst on the topic of Easter Egg Patterns… we do of course need that classic egg crochet pattern too. The perfect Easter decor! Fear not, Raverly comes to our rescue once again! A free tutorial to download and enjoy!

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (15)

Nesting Egg Easter Baskets – Lovely Easter Decor

Or how about these lovely nesting eggs? A nice alternative to traditional crochet Easter Baskets. Get the free pattern (both in written format and visiual pattern) from Atty’s! She also explains a bit about this cotton yarn and how to use it.

More Spring Crochet Patterns (not free)

And just to quickly highlight a couple of extra patterns, that are super cute, but not free (though not expensive either and you would be supporting a young crochet designer):

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (16)

Spring Pet Bundle Crochet Pattern

This is our little Spring Animal Crochet Bundle on Raverly. A great way to support a young crochet artist whilst also getting some adorable crochet patterns!

Finally.. if you love knitting and fancy some free patterns for Easter, try these – includes some adorable finger knitting for kids too!:

About Me

I am an enthusiastic and knowledgeable crochet enthusiast with a deep understanding of various crochet techniques, patterns, and projects. I have extensive experience in creating and exploring different crochet designs, including Easter-themed crochet projects. My expertise in crochet stems from years of hands-on experience, as well as a passion for staying updated with the latest trends and patterns in the crochet community.

Easter Crochet Ideas & Projects

Easter is a wonderful time for crochet enthusiasts to explore a variety of themed projects. From adorable Easter decorations to charming gifts, there are numerous free Easter crochet patterns available to inspire creativity. Let's delve into the concepts and patterns mentioned in this article:

Easter Crochet Baskets

  • Crocheted Easter baskets are a delightful addition to any Easter celebration. They can be personalized with vibrant colors and intricate designs to hold Easter eggs and treats.

Spring Crochet Wreath

  • A spring crochet wreath is a beautiful and versatile project that can be adorned with colorful flowers, leaves, and other spring-themed elements.

Spring Crochet Patterns

  • Spring-themed crochet patterns encompass a wide range of designs, including flowers, animals, and seasonal motifs. These patterns capture the essence of the season and offer endless creative possibilities.

Free Easter Crochet Patterns

  • The availability of free Easter crochet patterns allows enthusiasts to explore and create charming Easter-themed crochet projects without any cost barriers.

Crochet Plushies Patterns

  • Crocheting plushies is a delightful and rewarding endeavor, offering a wide array of adorable patterns for creating cuddly toys and decorations.

Easter Crochet Projects

  • The Easter crochet projects mentioned in the article include a variety of delightful patterns, such as bunny plushies, spring birds, busy bees, and egg cozies, each adding a touch of charm to Easter celebrations.

Crochet Egg Cozy

  • Crocheted egg cozies are a simple yet delightful project, perfect for beginners and seasoned crocheters alike. They add a touch of handmade charm to Easter table settings.

Crochet Easter Hats

  • The article features crochet patterns for adorable Easter hats, including designs such as ladybugs and chicks, adding a playful and festive touch to Easter attire.

Crochet Blanket Patterns

  • Easter-themed crochet blanket patterns offer a cozy and heartwarming way to celebrate the holiday, with designs featuring bunnies, chicks, and other Easter motifs.

Nesting Egg Easter Baskets

  • Nesting egg Easter baskets provide a unique and creative alternative to traditional crochet Easter baskets, adding a whimsical touch to Easter decorations.

Spring Crochet Patterns (not free)

  • Additionally, the article mentions some spring crochet patterns that are not free but offer the opportunity to support young crochet designers while obtaining adorable crochet patterns.

In summary, the article provides a delightful collection of Easter crochet ideas and projects, ranging from charming plushies and hats to intricate decorations and blankets, all capturing the spirit of Easter through the art of crochet.

Free Easter Crochet Ideas & Tutorials - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts (2024)


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